The Breed - Raseinformasjon

The Pomeranian Breed Standard was originally developed in the Great Britain and USA,
but in 1998 the Pomeranian was regrettably assigned to German Spitz Breed Standard.

Pomeranian, Chriscendo Call to arms. Grandfather to several of my dogs.


Breed development : The USA, social breed   (Rasen i utvikling)


German Toy Spitz

  • So these are for me standard representatives of all spitzs variety and sizes, who came from land of Germany – Pommerania. Some of them, of course, had been cultivating and have been improoving for years in the Middle Europe or in the Great Britain and the United States of America.
Ideal representative of the breed
German Toy Spitz
(Germany  and Central Europe)
   (Norway, Great Britain and the U.S.)
Small German Spitz  
(Germany and Central Europe)
German Standard Spitz
  (Germany and  Central Europe)
German Giant Spitz black
(Germany and Central Europe) 
German Giant Spitz white
  (Germany and Central  Europe)
  (Germany and Central Europe)
(Holand and further breed UK, USA)

Differences between typical Pomeranian and various German Toy Spitzes.

Is this the typical Pomeranian on the left and then  between-types
of Germany  Spitz x Pomeranian and  types Germany Toy Spitz

Breed Pomeranian has five standards !

1.  KC Standard Last Updated - January 2009
2.  AKC Standard Effective January 31, 1997     
3.  CKC Standard 1979
4.  NZKC Standard  ?
5.  FCI Standard N.97

-  1998   

Pomeranian American  Standard       

Pomeranian Englisch Standard

Typical German  dwarf Spitz without grade with Pomeranian

show result Exc.1

show result Exc.1

show result Exc.1




Ideal type twentieth century / longer neck


Ideal type from seventieth years of 19th century

The most often defects in sceleton

Long back       

Short arms/dog creep/

Correct and incorrect head Pomeranian 

Ideal head of pomeranian



standard type of pomeranian
excellent type for breeding
pomeranian not prepared
for show, he would probably
not get perfect valuation
on show in Norway and abroad show
substandard pomeranian
only as family dog
(illustrative photo from danish magazine



Ideal preparation of pomeranian for shows (without which you cannot practically pass any foreign shows).

Below is exellente groomed dogs, ready to show.


  • Colors - Farger på Pomeranian

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